What our clients say

  • NAGICO officially begun using Celery as of March 2016 at our Head Office location in St. Maarten. Overtime, we have noticed that Celery continues to make enhancements in the user's interest. The Celery team is open for feedback and feature requests that would help make Celery a better product resulting in a 'win win' situation for us at no additional cost.

    ​As for support, navigating the system and finding answers to queries have been made easy with the built in explanatory notes and a growing database of frequently asked questions. Timing is extremely crucial for payroll administrators and Celery understands this. In cases where our payroll administrators need one-on-one support, email responses are always received within a short turnaround time (on average within the hour) and ultimately resolved the same day. In addition, support has been available during the evening hours and weekends. On one occasion, one of our payroll administrators was unsuccessful in reaching Matthew via telephone and immediately thereafter received an email from him advising he received a missed call from our company and wanted to know how he could assist. This is an example of the kind of personal and professional approach that the Celery team provides.

    Being a payroll expert, Matthew and team have been a great resource to us in consulting on various payroll related matters from time to time and ensuring that our payroll administration is compliant with local regulations. The quality of support not only aims to provide answers on how tasks should be done in Celery but most importantly educates on why it should be done this way. Every correspondence leads to a learning opportunity which has further enhanced the overall experience of being a Celery client. Overall, we continue to be satisfied with Celery and look forward to continued patronage.
    NAGICO Cleveland Beresford Jr., Chief HR Officer, NAGICO
  • We have switched from Payroll4 to Celery because we prefer to process our payroll online. We tested the online version of Payroll4, but it is the same software that, for example, lacks the BVZ Exemption & Gliding Scale. In addition, we saw online Payroll4 documents from another (for us unknown!) salary administration. That did not create much trust in their online payroll solution.

    On the other hand, Celery came with a significantly lower SVB declaration because Celery uses the SVB daily wage premium calculation which results in lower ZVOV premiums. We also paid ZV premium in Payroll4 for an employee that worked 2 days per week. That is impossible in Celery, so this ZV premium was not applied in Celery. So, Celery costs are earned back quickly this way!
    Cardiologie Praktijk Romer,
  • Celery deserves a 10! Celery is not only user friendly and very easy to use but also the support that you get from the team whenever you need it is tremendous. I tried to find a fault in the software and/or the service but gave up. They are the best solution for our payroll.  I also like the updates that we get regarding the SVB and Ontvanger and the support has never deviated, they are always there to patiently help you out with any questions.
    Repo Caribbean & Taryna Corporation Rajendra Merien, Repo Caribbean & Taryna Corporation
  • At Bay West, we processed our payroll administration of January in Payroll4 software first and after that again in Celery. The total employer wage costs in Celery were ANG 2,600 per month less than in Payroll4. And several employees had an increase in their net salary in Celery. That is because Celery is applying the BVZ Exemption and the BVZ Gliding Scale. And by checking the number of working days per week, Celery also prevents ZV premium to be included in pay slips of employees that are not ZV insured.
    Bay West G.S. Wolfert, Financial Manager, Bay West
  • At Papagayo, we switched from Payroll4 software to Celery. Especially processing the monthly changes is very easy in Celery, because I can see all possible changes and employees in just one screen. In Payroll4, I had to switch to a different employee to process each change. Celery has also saved us a lot of time, because most of our employees now receive and view their pay slips online. This means that we no longer have to print and distribute pay slips to those employees that have their own Celery account.
    Payroll Administrator, Papagayo Beach Resort Spedy Koempai, Payroll Administrator, Papagayo Beach Resort
  • Celery deserves an 8 because of the completeness, ease of use and good price-performance ratio.
    Centrale Hypotheekbank (CHB) Michael Hellburg, Centrale Hypotheekbank (CHB)
  • Midtown Medical Clinic SXM - switched from Payroll Pro Ultra to Celery: "I must say that the program is super easy. Love the fact that I can use it anywhere by internet!"
    Mercuur Health Clinic N.V. Heather Mercuur, Mercuur Health Clinic N.V.
  • Celery works perfect, is user-friendly and fast!
    Kunuku Aqua Resort Hans Brand, Kunuku Aqua Resort
  • Celery deserves a 9 based on my positive experience and the simplicity.
    Suproco N.V. The Color of People, Suproco N.V.
  • Celery is user friendly, reduces work for administration and the software is capable of handling complex payrolls.
    Law Firm CFO, Law Firm
  • Celery deserves a 10 because it is very user friendly & efficient. Celery is way better than payroll software I used before!
    BDO Dutch Caribbean Financial Controller, BDO Dutch Caribbean
  • Celery software is easy to use. Data processing is fast and efficient. It’s also very easy to search for specific data you already generated in the past. 
    Scarlet B.V. Roseline M. Kelie, Scarlet B.V.
  • Celery deserves an 8 because I think this is the most friendly salary software I ever experienced. I love the fact Celery is accessible from everywhere by the internet.
    Abaque Financial Solutions Ramilou Robertus, Abaque Financial Solutions
  • Celery is a very user-friendly software package. I started using it without any instruction and it is all self-explanatory. I am very satisfied and pleasantly surprised with the possibilities the online payroll software has to offer. Of all the payroll software programs I have worked with, this is the most modern one. A software package that keeps up with the times. My compliments to its developers.
    Numberlicious Zerlina Reijmer-Demei, Numberlicious
  • Payroll processing; Easy to use, clearly laid out and convenient! 
    Miles Jazz Café Rene Nobbe, Miles Jazz Café
  • Automation is an improvement on service in every respect. I like the fact that I can now download my overviews through Celery and that they are stored there. It is quicker and more efficient.
    Corporate Agents B.V. Marjorie C. de la Fuente, Corporate Agents B.V.