Why Celery?

Celery is the best online payroll & HRM software for Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, the Caribbean Netherlands, and Suriname.

With Celery, you can quickly and efficiently process payroll and take care of important HRM matters. Our software is suitable for small to medium businesses, high profile enterprise organizations, accounting firms, and pension insurers.

In addition to software, we also offer payroll and HR courses via Celery Academy, our training solution.

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Powerfully easy payroll software

Celery is the online payroll software for Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, BES, and Suriname. With Celery, you can process salaries quickly and easily.

  • Process your payroll online wherever you want
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Data is well protected against hackers
  • Free updates and support

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HRM: everything for your employees

Organize all your HR matters online
Celery software also offers an online HRM tool. With this smart add-on, you can manage all important HR matters online.

Current insight into vacation day balance
You can easily keep track of all vacation hours per employee online. From now on, you always have an up-to-date insight into the holiday balance.

Online leave requests
Employees can request vacation days or other types of leave online.

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Celery software is the total solution for payroll and HR

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Celery software is the total solution for payroll and HR

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Academy: become a payroll expert

Celery Academy is Celery's training institute that offers training and knowledge in payroll and HRM. Follow the training and become a payroll and/or HRM expert.

  • Compliant with local laws and regulations and directly applicable in practice
  • More than 13 payrolls and HRM courses
  • Training takes place on location or online
  • Prices start at $ 129 per course

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Enterprise: Enjoy our VIP service

VIP service for high profile companies
In addition to the trusted payroll and HRM software, get more control, more security, more service, more support, and more power.

Isolated secure server environment
Your virtual data warehouse is specially designed for you and is isolated from other customers' virtual data warehouses.

Data encryption in-house
Your virtual data warehouse is encrypted with separate customer-level keys. You manage these keys yourself, without the intervention of Celery.

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Payroll and HRM at its best

Switch to Celery software today

Payroll and HRM at its best

Switch to Celery software today

Pension: Modern pension software

Celery has been specially developed for correct and rapid processing of the periodic pension.

  • Old-age pension benefit
  • Widow pension
  • Orphan pension
  • Pension created in private pension funds

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Accounting: serve your customers better

Super handy for accounting firms
It is possible to manage multiple companies under one Celery account. Within the payroll and HRM software, you can easily switch between the different companies.

Special rates
You can benefit from special rates and conditions if you want to use Celery for business operations to serve your clients as efficiently as possible.

Communicate easily with your customers
Your customers will receive a notification when the payroll run is ready for verification. Your customer can also easily pass on mutations.

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Integrations: connect your software easily

Easily link your Celery payroll and HRM software with other software you already use. Think, for example, of exchanging data between Celery and your accounting package or time registration system.

  • Connect Celery easily with Twinfield
  • Connect Celery easily with Exact
  • Connect Celery easily with Quickbooks
  • Connect Celery easily with Xero
  • Connect Celery easily with SAP Business One

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