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How does it work?

Is your business activity selling and advising about software? Or perhaps you have a new customer for Celery and are you wondering whether you can earn a commission for it? Then become a Celery Partner!

Celery has two types of Partners: referral and certified. Together we decide what the best option is for you.

  • Receive commission for new Celery customers
  • Follow our special partner training
  • VIP support from our head office

Referral Partner

A Referral Partner refers customers to Celery. We contact the potential customer without you being actively involved in the onboarding and sales process. As a Referral Partner, you have a solid business network, and you are known as a business influencer.

A Referral Partner receives digital product documentation from Celery and you sign a Partner Agreement with Celery. There are no minimum turnover requirements.

The reward of a Referral Partner is commission based on a fixed percentage of the turnover, which is achieved with the new Celery customers.

Certified Partner

A Certified Partner independently brings new customers to Celery. Also, you take care of the onboarding and supervision of the process during the term of the agreement between the customer and Celery. As a Certified Partner, you have: a large network, financial knowledge, knowledge of payroll & HRM, and commercial insight.

A Certified Partner will receive, among other things, a high commission, support, and training from Celery, and you will be mentioned in our marketing activities and also on our Partner web page. Besides, you will receive a handy merchandise package and you have online insight into the commission earnings.

As a Certified Partner you follow our Celery Partner training course, minimum turnover requirements apply and you can independently give software demonstrations and training and also prepare quotes yourself. You are also allowed to generate other income through Celery, for example by providing paid Celery software training courses.

Become a Certified Celery partner

Would you also like to become an official Celery partner? Which can. As a Celery partner, you will go through an internal training program so that you can grow the Celery customer base. After the training program, you can independently give Celery demos, set up test accounts, and offer local support. You will receive a substantial commission for every new Celery customer you introduce.

  • Become an official certified Celery partner
  • Receive commission for new Celery customers
  • Follow partner training internally
  • VIP support by our head office

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Become a partner and boost your business.

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    As a Celery Partner, we can earn a pleasant commission by bringing in new Celery clients. But even more important to us is the fact that in this way we can provide our client with the most advanced web-based payroll software. A win-win situation for all parties!

    Luis Vieira Alves - Innovo Accountancy & Advisory
    Luis Vieira Alves - Innovo Accountancy & Advisory