Modern software for processing pension benefits

Celery is specially developed for correct and quick processing of the periodic pension payroll. This concerns mainly the payroll processing of:

  • Old-age pension
  • Widows pension
  • Orphan pension
  • Pension Facilities created in Private Pension funds.

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Easily process pensions in the payroll

In the software, you can easily choose the sector "Pension fund / Pension company". If you choose this setting, Celery will automatically prepare the correct settings for you. You can now easily process the Retirement pension, widow's pension, orphan's pension, and even your own pension created in Private Pension funds. Celery will immediately prepare the following settings for you:

  • The application of acquisition costs is automatically disabled;
  • SVB / SZV ZV and OV premiums are automatically switched off;
  • The social contributions are set by default as they must be applied to pension benefits from a legal point of view (without employer contribution);
  • Any deviating percentages of social contributions, especially for pension benefits, are automatically applied;
  • The AOV Gliding Scale is automatically applied to benefits on which AOV / AWW premium is due.

Do you also want to process your pensions smart?

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Do you also want to process your pensions smart?

Try the software for free

Online pension specification

With Celery, pensioners can view their pension specification and annual statement online via telephone, smart tablet, or laptop. These therefore no longer have to be sent by post. Pensioners will be notified by e-mail as soon as the pension specification is ready. All pension documents are stored online for retirees in their own personal environment.

  • Digital pension specification and annual statement
  • Environmentally friendly: saves a lot of printing paper
  • Very user-friendly

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