Organize all your HR matters online

Payroll processing isn't Celery's sole functionality. Celery also offers an online HRM tool. With this smart extra module, you can also arrange all-important HR matters online.

  • Arrange HR matters online wherever you want
  • Mobile app for employees
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Payroll and HRM integrated
  • Free updates and support

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Online insight into vacation day balance

You can easily keep track of all vacation hours per employee online. From now on you always have an up-to-date insight into the holiday balance. You can also keep track of other types of leave. You can easily create different leave types yourself based on your own internal leave policy.

  • Current insight into vacation day balance
  • The employee applies for vacation leave online
  • Handy for holiday leave, maternity leave, special leave, etc.
  • Never keep track of vacation days in Excel again

Online access to employee info

You have a digital dossier for each employee with extra options for extensive employee information such as employment conditions, personal details, family composition, who to contact in case of emergency, etc. You also store documents linked to the employee such as employment contracts, CVs, diplomas, reports of evaluations, copies of ID, work permit, etc.

  • Online business calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, days off, etc.
  • An audit log provides insight into who is doing what
  • Register company properties online
  • The first step to a digital office

Do you also want your payroll and HRM in 1 package?

Discover our software

Do you also want your payroll and HRM in 1 package?

Discover our software

Employees apply for leave online

Employees can request online vacation days or other types of leave. They immediately see their current balance online and do not have to ask this at the HR department. The employee's request is received by the authorized manager, who can see at a glance in the calendar whether the leave can take place.

  • Employees can report sick / better online
  • Leave is approved or denied by an authorized manager
  • Current insight into the leave balance
  • An employer has good insight into absenteeism

Payroll & HRM in the palm of your hands

Simplify your employees work life with easy access to payslips and annual statements. They can submit sick leave and vacation requests effortlessly through the user-friendly interface. The app is available in Dutch, English, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for all. Let employees experience the convenience of managing their work-related information on the go.

  • Free mobile app for employees
  • All payslips on your phone in 1 app
  • Employees can easily submit sick and vacation leave
  • App is available in Dutch, English and Spanish

Smart HRM software

Get rid of Excel

Manage all holidays online. You always have current insight.

Insight into absenteeism

Employees can report sick / better online. Handy reporting tool provides insight.

Never pay too much

Pay per employee per month. Pay easily via bank or credit card.

100% safe

SSL certification ensures that your data is well protected.

HRM and Payroll in 1 package

Integration with the Celery online payroll module is possible.

Working from home becomes easy

Celery is online, so arrange HRM wherever you want.

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