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Do you have a large (international) business with strict compliance requirements? Do you want extra service and safety, because this suits your business? Then Celery Enterprise is for you. In addition to the trusted payroll and HRM software, you get more control, more security, more service, more support, and more power.

  • Isolated ultra-secure server environment
  • In-house data encryption
  • Rock-solid disaster recovery plan with smart back-up facilities
  • Single sign-on

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Isolated ultra secure server environment

With an Enterprise plan, all customer-specific data such as employer and employee data is stored in a virtual data warehouse. Each customer's virtual data warehouse is dedicated to that customer and isolated from the virtual data warehouses of other customers. A virtual data warehouse consists of a database server and a file server containing all generated PDF documents and uploaded files for that customer.

  • Your data is isolated
  • Backups can be retrieved at a customer level
  • In-house encryption of files
  • Datawarehouse is located locally in the Caribbean, safely outside the hurricane zone and protected from USA patriot law.

Your data is safe with Celery.

Read more about our security compliance

Your data is safe with Celery.

Read more about our security compliance

Manage data encryption in your own hands

At Celery, data is always encrypted with very strong keys. For Enterprise customers, each virtual data warehouse is encrypted with separate customer-level keys. You manage these keys yourself, without the intervention of Celery. This means that you have full control over the readability and availability of your data and files. Encryption via Amazon AWS KMS service is possible.

  • Hackers or curious employees cannot read company data
  • Your data is safe and your privacy is guaranteed
  • Backups are also encrypted

Single Sign-On

You have undoubtedly placed all your users neatly in an Active Directory or with another Identity Provider. Then it would be a shame to have to manage everyone separately again. How often does it happen that a colleague leaves the company and someone forgets to turn off the user from 1 of the many software packages? No more duplicate users with different passwords and password rules. As soon as a user is removed from your own Identity Provider, this user can no longer log in to Celery. It couldn't be easier anymore.

  • Your data is well protected utilizing strong password management
  • Everything properly arranged when employees enter and leave employment
  • Celery easily uses your existing Identity Provider (IP) such as Active Directory, Office 365, Azure AD, etc.

Nice and easy to log in with Single Sign-on

Discover more about single sign-on

Nice and easy to log in with Single Sign-on

Discover more about single sign-on

Reliable Service Level Agreement

A good Enterprise plan also requires a good Service Level Agreement. We guarantee 99.9% availability of the application on an annual basis. Also, we allow 1 hour response time for critical problems for e-mail support. For priority and general questions, this is 2 hours and 4 hours response time respectively.

  • Payment term of 30 instead of 15 days
  • Our support team gives you priority
  • A solid relationship on which your business can grow

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