Smart payroll software for accounting firms

It is possible to manage multiple companies under one Celery account. You can make use of the special rates and conditions if you are an accounting firm and want to use Celery to serve your customers as optimally as possible.

  • Save a lot of time
  • Easy to use
  • Make your clients happy
  • Working from home is possible

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Special rates for accounting firms

You can use the special Payroll Service Provider rates and conditions if you want to use Celery when doing business to serve your clients as optimally as possible. Contact us for a customized proposal.

  • It is possible to manage multiple companies under one Celery account
  • You can easily switch between clients within the software
  • Communication and control between you and your clients is easy
  • Celery is available in 2 languages

Give your clients only 'viewing rights'

You can create your clients in Celery as business users. They then receive messages when payrolls have been processed and the payroll documents are ready online. With one click on the sent link, your client can view the folder "Documents" online. In addition to access to the documents folder, a business user also has access to the "Dashboard" and "Reports". The business user can therefore request and download all possible reports of salary runs processed by you

  • Only grant clients viewing rights so that they cannot change anything 
  • Your clients can select and generate all reports by themself
  • Confidential salary information and documents no longer need to be sent via (unsafe) email.

Communicate easily with your clients

An option is built into Celery, which ensures that a business user can receive a notification to check and approve the salary run that you have processed online before closing the pay run. It is also possible to have a business user enter changes (such as hours worked, overtime, and advances), and then after this step, you process and close the pay run.

  • Send your client's payslips online 
  • Easily integrate with other accounting software 
  • Employees can be linked to cost center
  • The software contains 100+ wage codes as standard

Powerful payroll software

All documents in 1 place

Pay slips and payroll journal entries are automatically generated in PDF and saved online.

Switching is easy

Easily import data from other software directly into Celery.

Never pay too much

Take advantage of the special rates.

100% secure

SSL certification ensures that your data is well protected.

Payroll and HRM in 1 package

Integration with the Celery online HRM module is possible.

Working from home becomes easy

Celery is online, so process your payroll wherever you want.

Our proud customers

Grow your business with Celery software

You will save a lot of time if you process the salaries of your clients with Celery software.

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