Payroll software for Bonaire, Saba and Statia (BES)

Reasons to choose Celery

  • No more stress when processing payroll changes.

  • Prevent fines from the Belastingdienst or SVB.

  • Save paper and envelopes by sending digital payslips.

  • Your data is well protected against hackers.

Online payroll administration

Celery is the best online payroll web app for Bonaire, Saba and Statia (BES). Celery payroll for BES allows you to manage your payroll administration online. You do not have to install anything; simply log in to our secure online environment with your own account. You can access your payroll administration anytime and anywhere from your PC or tablet. Our software always includes the latest laws and legislation. If you would like to know more, please read on!

Industry standard certified security

Celery's payroll for BES is industry standard secure because of its SSL certification. What does that entail? Celery payroll for BES makes use of the so-called SSL security protocol. SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”) is a method for securing connections between web browsers and servers. You can recognize these secure connections by the lock that your web browser displays next to the address bar. Government organizations and banks also make use of this security measure. Celery payroll for BES is also protected and managed in the E-commerce Park data center on Curaçao. Because this is done locally, you do not have to worry about the USA’s Patriot Act when using Celery payroll for BES. Our servers are also located outside of the hurricane zone.

Discover the convenience of Celery

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Discover the convenience of Celery

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Smart payroll software for BES

Celery payroll for BES has several extremely clever built-in features. We know how important it is to keep your payroll administration clear and efficient. That is why Celery payroll for BES was specially developed by a team of payroll experts in cooperation with a leading software developer. Celery payroll for BES collects all your payslips and payroll journal entries in one central location. These files are automatically generated as PDF files, making them easy to view and download. Celery payroll for BES is therefore also environmentally friendly since everything is stored online. Using the software does not require any fiscal knowledge. The program automatically deducts and pays the right amounts in taxes and premiums. Celery payroll for BES also offers clever features to process holiday pay and thirteenth salaries and it has various options to set up pension premiums. It has never been easier to manage your payroll administration yourself. Read more about the clever features that Celery for BES has to offer.

Fair rates for your payroll software

Celery payroll for BES is extremely easy to use. Within just a few hours, you and your employees will know exactly how the web app for payroll administration works. Celery payroll for BES provides training programs of around four hours each and for a maximum of six participants at a time. Every participant is given enough personal attention to ensure they learn how to use the web app quickly. It is also possible to host training sessions for larger groups. Create your own free account now and try out Celery payroll for BES entirely free and without further obligations!

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