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Missed a demo? No problem! Watch a recorded video

Let's go

Missed a demo? No problem! Watch a recorded video

Let's go

Want to get to know Celery? Sign up for a free software demo and discover the benefits!

What can you expect?

Payroll demo program

During the demo, special features while creating employers and employees will be demonstrated and several pay runs will be processed, reopened, and changed including a demonstrating of the changes importing feature. And in addition to processing pay runs, we’ll take a closer look at pension premium, vacation pay, 13th month, vacation days, taxed fringe benefits, etc.

HRM demo program

In a demo that focuses on HRM, the useful features of this extra module are explained. You will learn how a digital personnel file is created, how online time-off hours can be registered and how the interaction will be for the employee.

For whom

The software demo is meant for everyone interested in working with Celery. In addition to the explanation, many payroll tips will also be given.

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