Software update: SZV wage limit for AOV/AWW and ZV/OV premium 2015 for Sint Maarten

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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 9 Feb 2015 - 1 minute read

SZV Sint Maarten announced the new 2015 wage limits for the AOV/AWW and ZV/OV premium. Based on this news Celery updated her software. For more details read more in this blog post.

Premium- income/wage AOV/AWW limit: ANG 94,480.00 per year

Maximum Wages ZV and OV

Per day (6-day workweek)    : ANG 215.42
Per day (5-day workweek)    : ANG 258.50
Per week                               : ANG 1,292.52
Per month                             : ANG 5,600.93
Per year                                : ANG 67,211.19

The premium percentages remain unchanged:

AOV 13%    Employer’s contribution 7.00%

Employee’s contribution 6.00%


AWW 1%    Employer’s contribution 0.50%

Employee’s contribution 0.50%

OV 0.5 – 5%: The premium depends on the risk class your company is categorized in, and must be paid by the employer


ZV 12.5%: Employer’s contribution 8.3%


Cessantia payment: ANG 40,00 per employee per year

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