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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 10 May 2021 - 2 minutes read

Through the Celery Academy you can follow a payroll or HRM training. The training courses focus on Curacao’s laws and regulations and are directly applicable in practice. With Celery Academy you will become a payroll expert and/or an HR professional, or you can simply give your knowledge a boost.

All our training courses are given by senior payroll administrators with many years of experience. The first training dates are scheduled for May and June. A training course takes up to 4 hours and is held online. Price per training is from $129. For the complete training schedule, please visit our website:

These are our 4 most popular training courses:

1: SVB Social premiums & Wage tax
In this part of the training, you will learn and apply all the different social insurances. You will also learn to apply the wage tax tables. This training is really a necessary basic knowledge, which is also recurring in other training courses. For that reason, this training is also given twice so that you can choose the most suitable date. Read more

2: Wages in-kind / Tax Fringe Benefits
In this part of the training, you will learn what wages in kind exactly is and how to recognize taxed fringe benefits, such as a company car, telephone, internet, meals, free housing & tip money. In addition, you will gain insight into how to apply the correct amounts of these taxed fringe benefits in your payroll. Read more

3: Sickness and Maternity leave & AOV/AWW benefits
Do you know exactly what to do if an employee is sick? In this training, you will learn to apply the legislation in the event of incapacity for work and you will learn to recognize the differences between SVB and non-SVB insured employees. The most recent legislation on Maternity Leave will also be discussed with you and you will learn what the AOV / AWW benefits exactly mean and who is and who is not insured for this. Read more

4: Wage cost-saving measures & SVB wages and Sickness Pay
In this part of the training you it will become clear how you can save wage costs in a simple way, where situations are possible that benefit both the employer and the employee. In addition, you will learn which wage components concern SVB wages and which ZVOV premiums are due. Finally, you will learn when and how to apply for 80% or 100% Loss of Wages from the SVB. Read more

What others say:
“Incredibly informative payroll training, not only the basics knowledge but also the input from the lecturer his years of practical experience. In addition, you will receive a booklet with a summary and useful overview of each training, ideal for use in practice as a work reference!”

Tamara da Graca-Verbaan,
Manager Tax at EY Dutch Caribbean



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