HRM Features

Key HRM features

  Online Time-Off registration

No need to register vacation days in Excel anymore! You can now easily register all vacation hours per employee online in Celery. From now on you will always have up-to-date information available on the vacation days balances. Moreover, hours for other types of time-off can be registered as well, for example sick leave or maternity leave and special leave used for moving, weddings or funerals etc. Time-off policies can easily be created based on your own internal company regulations and time-off policies.

  Easy time-off request by employees

Employees can submit an online request to take holiday or any other type of time-off. They can immediately see their current balances and do not have to request balance information at HR. The employee’s request is received by the relevant manager, who can check easily check the calendar online to see if the time-off request can be granted. After the manager’s approval the employee is sent a notification and the time-off balance is adjusted. 

  Integrated Payroll and HRM

Practical research has shown that employers have a great need for a single package for both Payroll and HRM. Separate systems are often used, or payroll software is used in combination with Excel and personnel files on paper. The two can now be fully integrated, simply activate the HRM module in your current Celery account and start immediately using it.

  Online company calendar

Who is on a time-off period and when? Have information available at a glance by using the online company calendar. Not only see who is on vacation, or who reported in sick, but also see all public holidays such as Christmas, Carnival and custom holidays. The convenient company calendar also ensure you will never miss a birthday or anniversary anymore, because that information is also included. 

  Audit log records give insight

HRM information is often confidential in nature and can only be accessed and/or changed by authorized employees. Activating the HRM module will now provide you with an extensive audit log, in which you can read who (and when) has viewed which information and what changes have been made. This way you will always have information available about all Celery activity, allowing you to prevent internal fraud.

  Paperless personnel files

Say goodbye to tightly packed (hardcopy) personnel files with outdated information! You now have an online file per employee available with space to save extensive employee information such as salary information and employee benefits, personal details, information of the family, who to contact in case of an emergency etc. This is also the place to store documents relevant to the employee such as employment contracts, resumes, diplomas, evaluation reports, ID copies, work permits etc. And also company assets, such as a company laptop and phone are registered here. So, in case of a leaver, all information is complete and nothing is forgotten.

  HRM module for Celery reseller clients

The Celery HRM module is available for every Celery user, whether you use the software directly via Celery, or via your Payroll Service Provider (PSP). If you use Celery via a PSP, this PSP can easily activate this module upon your request. As soon as you have the module available, you can start with the setup/implementation yourself. We understand this HRM-module usually contains confidential information you may not want to share with the PSP. That is why the module has a special function available, which allows you to hide HR information from the PSP, and in doing so, keep the information confidential. Read more about this subject in FAQ/support.

A total solution in one power-packed, integrated package

  • Correct calculation of wages

  • Correct calculation of wage tax

  • Correct calculation of social security premiums

  • Most used wage codes as a standard feature

  • A full ledger account layout as a standard feature

  • Clearly laid out payroll journal entries

  • Online HRM-module available for all Celery users

  • Viewing and storing pay slips online

  • Company settings per sector

  • Available in Dutch and English

  • Entering and processing changes quickly and easily

  • Notifications for important data

  • Easy switching from other payroll packages

  • 100% secure through SSL certification

  • Payment per pay slip per month

  • Free updates & support