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Celery is online payroll software for Curacao, Aruba, Sint Maarten and the BES-islands. Celery allows you to do quick and easy payroll processing in accordance with current legislation and regulations.

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Why you will choose Celery

  • Online payroll processing

    Celery is fresh online payroll for Curacao, Aruba, Sint Maarten and the BES-islands. Your payroll administration can be accessed on your PC or tablet wherever and whenever you need it – all within reach.

  • Save time

    Celery saves time, because many processes have been automated and changes can be entered and processed quickly. For example, your employees can view and download their pay slips online. 

  • User-friendly

    Celery is user-friendly and works similar like other popular web apps. Its design is friendly and intuitive. No installation is needed, you can start working right away.

  • Reliable

    Celery was built by a team of experienced payroll experts in collaboration with a leading software company. It has been extensively tested by a professional test team and complies 100% with current legislation and regulations.

  • Certified security

    All data is secured by SSL protocols. The data is hosted locally in the Caribbean, safe outside the hurricane zone and does not fall under the USA Patriot Act.

  • Free updates & support

    Celery is always up-to-date. As soon as changes occur in, for instance, tax or social security legislation, you will be notified and it will automatically be implemented in the payroll calculations. 

Our customers love Celery

Recent blog posts

Sep 28 2017

In 2018, the Basic Discount will be removed again from the Curaçao Wage Tax Tables

Published by M. Verhage in Legislation and Regulations

Many years ago, the basic discount has been included in the periodic Wage Tax tables because almost everyone was entitled to it. However, from 2018,...
Sep 05 2017

Celery for administration and accounting firms

Published by M. Verhage in General

Celery is specially developed for so-called Resellers. You qualify as a Celery Reseller if you are going to use Celery to process your clients'...
Aug 15 2017

Change of Aruba minimum wage per August 1th

Published by M. Verhage in Legislation and Regulations

The government of Aruba announced a change of the minimum wage on their official website. Read our blog post to learn more about the changes.
Jul 14 2017

Software update: digital payment files for Banco di Caribe now possible in Celery

Published by M. Verhage in Updates

Recently we created the possibility in addition to MCB, CMB, WIB, Arubabank and Girobank, to create digital net pay payment files also for Banco di...

What our clients say

  • At Bay West, we processed our payroll administration of January 2016 in Payroll4 software first and after that again in Celery. The total employer wage costs in Celery were ANG 2,600 per month less than in Payroll4. And several employees had an increase in their net salary in Celery. That is because Celery is applying the BVZ Exemption and the BVZ Gliding Scale. And by checking the number of working days per week, Celery also prevents ZV premium to be included in pay slips of employees that are not ZV insured.
    Bay West G.S. Wolfert, Financial Manager, Bay West
  • We switched from Payroll Pro to Celery and we are glad we did. With Celery, our monthly payroll administration takes just seconds. Celery also offers superfast technical support that is completely free of charge. This support covers not just Celery itself, but also payroll and salaries in general. Using the internet for payroll also offers many advantages: I can log in from anywhere and I do not have to worry about updating the software. Celery enrolls updates automatically.
    Asphalt Lake Recovery N.V. Rajendra Merien, Finance Manager, Asphalt Lake Recovery N.V.
  • At Papagayo, we switched from Payroll4 software to Celery. Especially processing the monthly changes is very easy in Celery, because I can see all possible changes and employees in just one screen. In Payroll4, I had to switch to a different employee to process each change. Celery has also saved us a lot of time, because most of our employees now receive and view their pay slips online. This means that we no longer have to print and distribute pay slips to those employees that have their own Celery account.
    Payroll Administrator, Papagayo Beach Resort Spedy Koempai, Payroll Administrator, Papagayo Beach Resort
  • Midtwon Medical Clinic SXM - switched from Payroll Pro Ultra to Celery: "I must say that the program is super easy. Love the fact that I can use it anywhere by internet!"
    Mercuur Health Clinic N.V. Heather Mercuur, Mercuur Health Clinic N.V.

What we are proud of

  • Online payroll for Curacao, Sint Maarten and Aruba

    Processing and viewing payrolls can now be arranged from any computer or tablet. All data is stored and managed online. All within reach, whenever you need it.

  • View and download pay slips online

    Printing, folding, putting pay slips in envelopes and distributing them – it is a thing of the past. With a single push of a button you will send all employees an email with a link they can use to view and download their pay slips online.

  • Clever processing of vacation pay and 13th month

    This is just one of the unique Celery features. It allows you to set the month for this payment per employee. Celery will then automatically process this payment correctly.

  • All payroll documents in one place

    Pay slips, annual income statements, payroll journal entries and other payroll documents are automatically generated as a PDF file and stored online. All of your generated documents are in one central place online.

  • Unique reseller functionality

    Celery is also very suitable for resellers. It is easy to switch between the various companies and clever features have been included for easy and efficient communication and control between the reseller and client.

Payroll at its best

It is possible to manage several companies within just one Celery account. You can benefit from special reseller rates and conditions if you want to use Celery for your business activities as a means to offer your clients the best possible service. It is easy to switch between the various companies within the payroll software and it has unique features for easy and efficient communication and control between you and your clients. Inquire about the possibilities.

Al your data is protected by the SSL Internet security protocol. Many banks and government agencies also use this type of security. The Celery data is managed and protected by the E-Commerce data center located on Curacao, which means the USA Patriot Act does not apply. Besides Celery, for example “Google” is also one of the clients of the same E-Commerce data center. Read more about security.

Celery is always up-to-date. As soon as changes occur in, for instance, tax or social security legislation, you will be notified and it will automatically be implemented in the payroll calculations. The software is regularly updated, which is free of charge. Our support department will answer any question you may have and offers assistance in case of complicated payroll issues. It goes without saying that the support provided by Celery is free of charge.

Celery is online payroll software for Curacao, Sint Maarten and Aruba for user-friendly quick and easy payroll processing. Celery is easy to use. You and your employees can get to know the software in just a few hours. Celery also offers training courses.