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  Special features & rates

Managing multiple payrolls under one Celery account is possible. You can use our special Payroll Service Provider features and conditions and qualify for our profitable Payroll Service Provider fees if you want to use Celery in your business practice to serve your clients as efficient as possible. Within the payroll software, you can easily switch between the different companies and there are many unique Payroll Service Provider functionalities that make communication and control purposes between you and your clients easy and efficient.

  Communication with clients

In Celery, an option is built in that allows a company user to receive a notification to first check and approve your processed pay run online, after which you can finalize the process. It is also possible for company users to enter changes (such as hours worked, overtime and deduction advance payments etc.) themselves, after which you process and finalize the payroll process.

  Celery in 2 different languages

Celery is available in Dutch and English. The language can even be set at three levels, namely at the account level, per employer and per employee. It is therefore possible to set up Dutch or English per employee within one employer. In addition to the employee’s documents, also the correspondence of Celery Messenger will be in the language selected for this employee.

  Celery is online software

As a Payroll Service Provider, you have online access to the full web application and all possible options within Celery. You can create your clients in Celery
as company users. This client will then receive notifications from Celery Messenger after payrolls have been processed and payroll documents are
generated and visible online. By clicking on the link sent your client can view the Documents folder online. And in addition to accessing the Documents folder, a company user also has access to the Dashboard and Reports.

Thus, the company users themselves can generate and download all possible reports from pay-runs you processed.
At this moment if your client needs for example a salary journal per quarter, the client must ask you for this document. Often, such requests and time spent cannot be charged, or is it not appreciated and/or accepted.

However, in Celery, your clients themselves can select and generate all possible reports in the Reports folder. So, these kinds of requests that usually cannot be charged will not occur anymore when using Celery!

  Great time savings through automation

A nice feature for you as a Payroll Service Provider is the standard option to automatically generate preselected documents in PDF once a payroll is finalized. Therefore, these documents do not have to be selected, generated, named and stored one by one.

Also, in Celery, because of this option it is impossible to accidentally select an incorrect period (or even worse: an incorrect client), and to generate and send incorrect documents.

And at the same time you finalize the payroll and the documents are being generated (or on a pre-set date), the company user automatically receives a notification from Celery that the documents are ready online. That saves a lot of time.

For example, the payroll processing process of an employer with little or no changes, including sending the documents to the client, in other payroll software may take 20 to 25 minutes each month. Because many processes in Celery are automated, this process in Celery takes only 1 to 2 minutes! Processing a payroll without changes takes only 17 seconds in Celery, including the documents generated in PDF and also setting dates for notifications to employees and company users. So the time savings are huge! 

  Online pay slips for employees

Employees of your clients with whom an email address is entered to activate their private Celery account and are selected to receive messages via Celery, receive a monthly notification from Celery Messenger on a date to be set by the client/Payroll Service Provider, that their pay slip is ready online. And with one click on the link sent, the employee can view his/her documents online.

The same applies to the annual documents (in Dutch: Loonbelastingkaart/Loonopgaaf). This option is especially appreciated by your clients. Depending on the size of their workforce, they may save a few hours or days each month because the pay slips are no longer printed and distributed. In addition to this valuable time saver, the digital documents are also environmentally friendly and save on costs such as paper and printer toners.

Employees, of course, only have access to their own documents. For example, their own Celery accounts may also remain active after the end of employment, so the employees will receive notifications later that year that their annual documents are available online.

  Pre-defined wage codes and general ledgers

Each payroll in Celery is by default very complete. For example, immediately after creating a new payroll, it contains over 100 pre-defined wage codes and a has a GL accounts scheme with more than 75 GL accounts. These GL account, numbers and descriptions are very easy to adjust to your own GL accounts schedule or to your client’s schedule. It is also possible based on the department, to give the same wage code to di erent GL accounts per department.

It is also possible to create cost centers and to connect employees to multiple cost centers. Thereafter, various reports can be generated and selected by cost centers.


Do you run an administrative office and would you like to use Celery for your clients? Please contact us for special rates, telephone: +5999 516 5538. Download here an indicative price list for Payroll Service Providers.

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