About Us

We love our job

Our philosophy

  • Delivering a high quality product according to the current laws and regulations

  • Using the power of the Internet

  • Celery should be a positive experience and make users happy using it.

  • Never stand still and always continue to develop and innovate

The story behind Celery

In 2009, Matthew Verhage and Felix Langfeldt met by chance. Matthew is a highly experienced payroll expert and Felix is a born computer programmer. The two got to talking, which led to the idea of developing online software specifically designed for payroll administration on Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba and the BES islands. The product had to be something entirely new and end the traditional method of payroll processing. That is how Celery was born. The two spent many evenings and weekends working on their software, because both men also ran their own successful organizations during the day.

Matthew and Felix have a crystal-clear vision and strive to create the best possible product. Celery must be easy to learn and, above all, feel natural to use. Its users must be able to learn how the product works quickly, rather than wasting time consulting a manual. Celery was finally ready in mid-2013. For months, multiple professional organizations extensively tested the software and any final flaws were eliminated. In the meantime thousand payrolls are being processed in Celery each month. Since the start in 2013 the number of payrollls processed in Celery is at least doubled each year, and this trend will continue in the future.

We are proud of Celery because it was made with passion and a pure love for the business. We strive to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate and therefore provide all updates and support for free.

[News] The Curaçao Growth Fund is the proud co-shareholder of Celery as of October 2018. With the participation of the Curacao Growth Fund, Celery has received an even stronger basis to serve its customers well, and to significantly expand its activities in the coming years. Curaçao Growth Fund is a local private equity fund with Algemeen Pensioenfonds Curacao (APC) as the main investor. Read more in our blog (Dutch)

Meet the Team

Matthew Verhage

Matthew Verhage Co-founder/Managing Director

Felix Langfeldt

Felix Langfeldt Co-founder/ Technical Director

Wiebe Kloosterman

Wiebe Kloosterman Back-end Developer and Dev-Ops Engineer

Sue van Elteren

Sue van Elteren Marketing Manager

Ginette Booi

Ginette Booi Personal Assistent Managing Director

Jolanda Scholte

Jolanda Scholte Payroll Expert

Karla Heredia

Karla Heredia Back-end developer