Payroll software for Aruba

Reasons to choose for Celery

  • No more stress when processing payroll changes.

  • Prevent fines from the Belastingdienst or SVB.

  • Save paper and envelopes by sending digital payslips.

  • Your data is well protected against hackers.

Manage your salaries online

Celery is the online payroll software for Aruba and the Caribbean area. It has never been easier to take care of your payroll administration online in Aruba. You can save a lot of time because all of your payroll administration is gathered in a single location within our unique payroll software. Furthermore, it offers a user-friendly interface and it is better for the environment because it does away with the printing of payslips. Celery's payroll for Aruba is 100% secure and reliable. If you would like to know more, please read on!

Online payroll processing

Celery payroll for Aruba allows you to process your payroll administration anytime and anywhere. Since the payroll software is online, you do not have to install anything. You can access everything instantly from your PC or tablet. Celery is fully tailored for the Caribbean area, as it is integrated with the region’s latest laws and legislation. Our online payroll software for Aruba saves you a lot of time: many processes are automated, so payroll mutations can be entered and processed quickly. The payslip is always available for viewing online and can be downloaded by your employees.

Discover the convenience of Celery

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Discover the convenience of Celery

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Secure & Reliable

Our online payroll software for Aruba is 100% secure and reliable. This is because all your data is protected using the SSL security protocol. Data hosting is localized in Curaçao, placing it outside the hurricane zone and protecting it against the USA’s Patriot Act. Additionally, our payroll software for Aruba was developed by a team of highly experienced payroll experts in cooperation with a leading software developer. It was extensively tested by a professional team of software testers. Celery payroll for Aruba makes use of clever and useful features. You can rest easy knowing that your payroll administration is in good hands!

Free updates & support

Celery's payroll for Aruba is always up-to-date and makes use of the latest tax and social laws and legislation. Whenever there are any changes in local laws and legislation, you will be notified and the changes are immediately implemented in the payroll software. You do not need any fiscal knowledge to make use of our online payroll software for Aruba. It automatically calculates and pays the correct amounts for taxes and social premiums.

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