Software update: Curacao and BES payroll calculations 2018 already possible in Celery

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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 23 Dec 2017 - 2 minutes read

From now on it is possible in Celery to switch in Curacao and BES payrolls to 2018.

For the BES-islands two noteworthy changes have been made in 2018:

1) The Basic Tax-free Allowance has been changed from USD 11,873 to USD 11,920 per year and

2) The Elderly Allowance has been changed from USD 1,343 to USD 1,348 per year.

In addition, the wage limit of the special wages (in Dutch: bijzondere belonging) wage tax table (in case Elderly allowance is applicable) is increased by USD 100 to USD 13,300.

Finally, the minimum wages for 21-year-olds have been indexed. On Bonaire with 0.6% from USD 4.73 to USD 4.76 per hour and on St. Eustatius with 5% from USD 5.80 to USD 6.09 per hour. On Saba the minimum wage remains the same as in 2017, namely USD 5.68 per hour.

In Curacao payrolls, small changes are made in 2018.

Noteworthy changes are the following:

1) The Basic Discount is no longer included as standard in the Wage Tax Tables and

2) The SVB Wage Limit has been changed from ANG 5,417.10 to ANG 5,460.00 per month.

The adjustment of the Basic Discount has been implemented so that this discount is not applied incorrectly or several times in payroll calculations for, for example, foreign pensioners who are not entitled to it, and employees with multiple sources of income.

Employees must confirm in the new ‘Loonbelastingverklaring’ 2018 (see our blog of September 28) whether they are entitled to the application of this Basic Discount. In Celery per 2018 you can set per employee whether the Basic Discount must be applied or not. By default, this Basic Discount is applied. You must therefore switch off the discount if it must not be applied. This option can be found per employee under Taxes/Fiscal allowances.

The wage tax tables including the Basic Discount will remain the same in 2018 as in 2017.

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