Sint Maarten payrolls now also possible in Celery

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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 4 Nov 2014 - 2 minutes read

From now on it’s also possible to do Sint Maarten pay runs in Celery besides Curacao pay runs. Last month the addition of Sint Maarten was tested intensively and the results where positive. Adding Sint Maarten to Celery is a free update and available for every user and test account user.

In comparison to other countries Sint Maarten payrolls have had only a few changes in the last few years. Every year SXM has new wage tax tables, slightly increased fiscal allowances (for children, sole earners and seniority) and a new SZV Wage Limit. The only notable change in early 2014 was the employee’s part in the SZV ZV premium that increased by 100% from 2.1% to 4.2%.

Furthermore in SXM we notice half-month payrolls. That’s remarkable because there are biweekly and monthly wage tax tables, but not half monthly wage tax tables. Because a lot of employers on SXM process a half month pay run, this possibility is available in Celery. The monthly figures of the wage tax tables and fiscal allowances are halved to create this possibility. However, be aware that in fact there is a difference between a biweekly and a half-month period. A biweekly period is processed 26 times per year and a half-month period is processed 24 times.

Choose between languages

It’s possible to switch languages in Celery, and in fact on three levels. The language of the entire account can be put in English, but one particular employer in this account can be put on the Dutch. And within the same employer one employee can be put on Dutch and the other employee on English. Thus these workers from the same employer receive their pay slips in their own language and also the messages of Celery Messenger, for example to notify the employee that the pay slip is ready and stored online, is in the selected language.

The addition of Aruba to Celery will happen before the end of 2014 and the addition of Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatias will happen at he beginning of 2015.

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