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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 29 Jun 2017 - 2 minutes read

Imagine being able to switch between your salary documents from your previous employer and your current employer.

Imagine switching from your Celery account at the office to your own private employee account.

Without login in and out, without remembering different usernames and passwords. That’s what we call “global user accounts” and every user account is now a global user account.

Improved context switcher

We have enhanced the context switcher with icons and account names. You can easily see what kind of access level you can switch to.

This makes it possible to have access to the same employer from the context of an employee, company user and account user, using a single login.

The icons have the following meaning

  •  grants account level access (view everything for this employer)
  •  grants employer level access (view companywide documents and reports)
  •  grants employee level access (view personal information and salary documents)
  •  indicates that the employee or employer is part of a different account

Merging your user accounts

It’s possible that you have multiple user accounts for Celery for different accounts and they could even be using variations of your username. For example, if your username is, you could have a variation like for a different user account. We call a variation like that an “alias”.

Merging multiple user accounts with the same username and aliases can be done quickly via the “User details” page in Celery.

Login to Celery with your main user account and go to the “User details” page. If there are any user accounts to merge you will see them under “Merge user accounts”. Review the details of the user account and click “Merge”. Celery will transfer all access privileges and disable the merged user account.


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