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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 28 Apr 2021 - 3 minutes read

As an HR professional, you can spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. HR software can help you so that you can focus on the things that make your profession the most fun, think of; personal development, career development, and coaching. HR departments spend one third of their time dealing with all kinds of manual administrative processes, according to research by Berenschot, a large Dutch independent management consultancy company. That is unfortunate because HR software can automate many of these tasks.

Celery also offers HRM software! And that saves a lot of time for the HR professional. Curious? Try it now for free until September 1, 2021.

Read below about 5 tasks that are much easier with the Celery HRM module:

1: Update employee data via digital file

The era of thick file folders is over. No more overcrowded (paper) personnel files with outdated information! You now have an online file per employee available with space to save extensive employee information such as salary information and employee benefits, personal details, information of the family, who to contact in case of an emergency etc. This is also the place to store documents relevant to the employee such as employment contracts, resumes, diplomas, evaluation reports, ID copies, work permits etc. And also, company assets, such as a company laptop and phone are registered here. So, in case of a leaver, all information is completed and nothing is forgotten.

2: Registration of holidays

Calculating the time-off days of an employee is an intensive job. With the Celery HRM module, Employees can submit an online request to take holiday or any other type of time-off. They can immediately see their current balances and do not have to request balance information at HR. The employee’s request is received by the relevant manager, who can check easily check the calendar online to see if the time-off request can be granted. After the manager’s approval, the employee is sent a notification and the time-off balance is adjusted.

3: Registration of sick-leave

The daily registration of sick notifications can be a tough job, especially for large organizations. There are phone calls and e-mails coming through different channels, all of which must be registered in one system. With the Celery HRM module employees can log in online and report their sick leave. The sick leave notification is then processed directly in Celery and linked to the employee. All relevant managers will be notified.

4: Putting employees in the spotlight

Via the handy company calendars in the HRM module, you will never forget a birthday or an anniversary. In this way, a gift can be bought in time and the employee can enjoy their special day to the full. You will also see in the company calendars who is when on vacation, who has registered sick, but also all official holidays such as Christmas, Carnival, Good Friday etc.

5: Creating reports

Ensuring that the management has the right figures can take a long time if the data has to be extracted from different systems – or even from paper. The smart reporting tool in Celery can easily retrieve the right data from the system. Via the Celery reporting tool, several predefined reports can be generated for both payroll and HRM.

Try HRM now for free for 4 months

Curious about the Celery HRM module? We are running a special COVID-19 promotion over the next few months. You can now try the Celery HRM module free of charge until 1 September 2021. Would you like to make use of this offer? Then please contact Remco Ernandes:

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