Official launch Celery in Suriname

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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 19 Nov 2018 - 3 minutes read

Last week the official launch of Celery took place during two events in Torarica and Ramada in Surinam, Paramaribo. These events took place in collaboration with our Celery Partners Baboem N.V. and Kenswil & Co. At these two events, more than 100 participants were informed about Celery, safety and security measures and an extensive software demonstration of our Payroll and HRM modules.

After attending these events, the participants became clear that Celery can save a lot of time through many automated processes, users in principle do not need fiscal knowledge and that Celery calculates the Wage Tax and AOV premium correctly. Immediately after these events, various fee proposals were issued, potential clients were visited and various trial accounts were created and also upgraded.

Celery is supported in Suriname by two partners; Kenswil & Co. and Baboem N.V. To both parties you can go for advice and support. Celery is very proud of the collaboration and expects a great success.

Kenswil & Co.

Kenswil & Co. is a tax and legal consultancy firm where you can go to for excellent advice and optimal services in their field. Kenswil & Co. also provides accounting and payroll services while using Celery. Contact for Celery is Siegfried G. Kenswil:

Siegfried Kenswil owner Kenswil & Co, about the collaboration; “Kenswil & Co. regularly performs payroll audits and in 9 out of 10 cases the software proves to be inadequate and calculations of wage tax and AOV premium are incorrect. After local and international research into a payroll solution that does meet, we ended up at Celery. After several tests, it appeared that the calculations of Wage Tax and AOV premium in Celery are correct. In addition, Celery also offers a good HRM solution for HR issues that employers encounter in daily practice.”

Baboem N.V.

Baboem N.V. is your partner when it comes to automating your business processes. Baboem can therefore advise you on the right choice of software for your company. Contact for Celery is Steven Sardjoe:

Steven Sardjoe, owner Baboem, about the collaboration; “Baboem N.V. has been conducting research for years, particularly among larger employers, into the need for salary and HRM software. However, many available software does not appear to meet legal and fiscal requirements. But after testing Celery, this software proved to meet these requirements, and through many automated processes in Celery, employers can save a lot of valuable time. In addition, Celery was built in such a way that employers can achieve maximum efficiency with regard to the processing of the periodic payroll, personnel administration and the registration of holidays and sick leave.”

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