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Written by Sue van Elteren
Posted on 17 Apr 2015 - 4 minutes read

In this blog article we want to inform you regarding three features in Celery which you might not be using at this moment, namely:

  1. Automatic payment and reservation of vacation allowance and 13th month;
  2. Online pay slips and Wage Tax cards for your employees and
  3. Employee category settings.


Automatic payment and accrual of Vacation allowance and 13th month

Within each employee fringe benefits such as vacation allowance and 13th month can be set per employee. Besides the percentage of these benefits it is also possible to set the date in which pay period payment of the benefit should take place. This can be in the regular monthly pay slip or in a separate pay slip before or after the regular periodic pay run. If a certain payment period has been set, Celery will automatically pay the accrued vacation allowance or the 13th month. Simultaneously with this payment Celery will automatically reverse the accrual and provision of these allowances in the salary journal.

Other settings for this feature are:

  1. Calculate taxes and premiums periodically or one time at payment of the benefit;
  2. To include whether or not the accrual and provision of these benefits in the salary journal and
  3. To show the balance of provision of vacation allowance and/or 13th month whether or not on the pay slip.

Additionally, once when activating this feature an opening balance of these allowances can be set in order to have the correct amount paid later automatically by Celery.
Online Celery account for your employees

Within Celery it is possible for your employee to activate a private Celery account and receive a notification by email in case a new pay slip and/or Wage Tax Card is ready and stored online. So for employers in Celery it is no longer necessary to print and distribute the pay slips to your employees.

Employees also have the opportunity to upload their own documents such as a scan of the employment contract in their Celery account.

Even if the employee leaves the company his/her Celery account can remain active. This employee will receive a notification by email later that year when the Wage Tax Card is ready and stored online.

How often does it happen that your employee ask for copies of pay slips or Wage Tax Cards? By activating and using the Celery employee account these kind of questions belong to the past. The employee can always login online themselves and check their documents.
Employee category settings

In case of creating a new employee a category has to be selected from one of the following categories of employees:

  1. Standard employee
  2. Expatriate (with tax ruling)
  3. Intern (resident)
  4. Intern (non-resident)
  5. Pro forma employee
  6. Pensioner

By choosing the right category Celery automatically switches the appropriate premiums and employee settings on and/or off.

For example, if the ‘expatriate’ is chosen Celery switches off the acquisition costs, social security contributions are in principle fully paid by the employer and the exemption from taxed fringe benefits is automatically applied. Taxed fringe benefits of Curacao expats are exempted for ANG 15,000 per year and on St. Maarten the expat exemption is ANG 25,000 per year. In addition, without having to activate a certain wage code, the wage tax is paid back automatically to the expat as some kind of tax-free allowance. Celery also registers the end date of the expat tax ruling in order to remind the Celery user to this date when this date is approached. Because of this reminder you cannot forget this date, you are reminded to stop processing an expat salary or you can possibly file a timely request for an extension of the expat ruling.

If you choose the ‘trainee’ category, the SZV ZV and OV premiums are disabled. Further, in case of a non-resident trainee AOV/AWW premiums are disabled because this premium in principle does not have to be calculated for non-residents.

If you select the category ‘pro forma’ employee, this employee can be used for pro forma salary calculations. These pro forma employee will not be included in the periodic salary runs.

If you choose the ‘retired’ category we refer to the payments to pensioners of pension insurances and/or benefits. In that case the acquisition costs and the SZV premiums are automatically switched off by Celery and regarding the AOV/AWW premium the so-called ‘Gliding Scale’ is automatically applied. This category also includes the pension benefits paid out of a privately arranged pension plan in your own company.

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