Are you taking advantage of all the awesome features in your Aruba payroll?

Written by Matthew Verhage
Posted on 22 Sep 2022 - 3 minutes read

Are you using these awesome digital import & export features in your payroll?

The development of Celery software does not stand still. On the contrary, not a month goes by without new features and software updates. If you want to stay informed about the latest software updates, check this link regularly:

Below we inform you about special features related to Aruba payrolls that you should not have missed.

Digital SVb mutations

In report A24-SVb Mutation Form there is a standard option under the export button to create the periodic SVb mutations in an XML file. This file can then be uploaded into MiSVb, the online portal of the SVb.

This way the SVb stays informed of the latest SVb mutations and since Celery knows which mutations should be included in this file, no mutations can be forgotten to be notified to the SVb.


Celery Tax browser extension

Wouldn’t it be helpful if Celery filed your monthly Wage Tax declaration? That option is included in Celery! In Employer/Integrations/General integrations you can activate this Celery Tax option and read more about this feature.

The advantage of this feature is that when you are logged in to the online portal of the Tax Authorities, with a click on a button Celery completely fills your Wage Tax declaration. In this way, you can file your monthly declaration quickly and without errors, with help of Celery.


Digital payment files

In report A3-Bank transfers, under the export button, there is a standard option to create a digital payment file of the net wages and any other deductions, which file can be uploaded to online banking of Arubabank, CMB, RBC, and Banco di Caribe.

This way the net wages can be paid out very quickly and without any errors.


Digital Statement of annual fiscal income (Verzamelloonstaat)

In report A13-Statement of annual fiscal income, under the Export button, there is a standard option to create the digital “verzamelloonstaat” in XML. This file must be uploaded annually to the online portal of the Tax Authorities.

In this way, the “Verzamelloonstaat” can be created very quickly and submitted without any errors.


Import changes & digital salary journal export

With a click on a button, you can import your monthly changes, such as hours worked and overtime, into an open run. Read more about this at this link:

And with another click on a button, you can create a digital export salary journal every month that you can import into your accounting software. Read more about this at this link:

But how much do all these awesome features cost? Nothing at all, these features are included as standard features in every Aruba payroll in Celery. Make use of it, you can save a lot of your valuable time!

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