Payroll Features

Key payroll features

  Eco friendly pay slips

Celery allows employees to download their pay slips and annual income statements online – no need to print them. Employees are notified by email when their pay slip is ready. All employee and employer payroll documents are saved online in the document center.

  All documents in 1 place

Pay slips and payroll journal entries are automatically generated as PDF files and stored online. All documents you have generated are stored in one central and clearly laid out place. Employees are automatically notified when newly processed pay slips are available and can view or download them online. 

  Clear dashboard

The dashboard is the Celery starting point. You can immediately see all information you need; recent login data and work performed, relevant changes in legislation and regulations, etc. It also has a convenient alarm function for special dates, such as birthdays and long-service celebrations.

  Unique feature for vacation pay and 13th month

This is a unique product feature and not available in other payroll software packages. If required, you can include a reservation and provision feature of these payments in the payroll journal entry. The balances of these reserves will be stated on the pay slip.

In addition, these payments are automatically paid in a month set in advance. On payment, the reserve and provision are automatically reversed in the payroll journal entry.

You can also determine if the tax and premiums over these payments will have to be calculated and deducted periodically or at once on payment. Even if you have chosen payment at once, the SVB, ZV and OV premiums will be calculated and included on a monthly basis and included in the SVB declaration. This method of calculating and paying SVB premiums is statutory and herewith you avoid assessments from being imposed.

  Smart reminders in case of new hires or leavers

If an employee enters into or leaves employment, it will be noticed by Celery. When the payroll is processed, a separate window will pop up in which to enter the number of hours and days worked. This way, the employee will receive the exact number of hours worked in this pay period and Wage Tax will be calculated based on the legally required Daily Wage Tax table. 

It will even proportionally apply all other emoluments such as additional taxed fringe benefits and (un)taxed expense allowances automatically to the number of hours worked.

  Process changes quickly

Celery will save you time, because changes can be processed easy and super quick online. The changes screen is clear and you can determine yourself which change columns you wish to view on your screen. Entering changes is intuitive, as you would do in other web apps, for instance, M-Files and Twinfield.

  No fiscal knowledge required

Taxed fringe benefits will automatically be applied correctly without the need for fiscal knowledge. For example in case of a taxed fringe benefit for the company car or telephone it is only required to enter the new car value and the number of telephones. Celery will ensure that the correct taxes and premiums are being calculated and paid.

  Easy pension processing

In Celery, settings for pension contributions only have to be set once, without needing to calculate the new amounts for them manually when wages are adjusted – the pension contribution will change in accordance with any change to the wages. Are you a Pension Fund? Click here.

A total solution in one power-packed, integrated package

  • Correct calculation of wages

  • Correct calculation of wage tax

  • Correct calculation of social security premiums

  • Most used wage codes as a standard feature

  • A full ledger account layout as a standard feature

  • Clearly laid out payroll journal entries

  • Online HRM-module available for all Celery users

  • Viewing and storing pay slips online

  • Company settings per sector

  • Available in Dutch and English

  • Entering and processing changes quickly and easily

  • Notifications for important data

  • Easy switching from other payroll packages

  • 100% secure through SSL certification

  • Payment per pay slip per month

  • Free updates & support