In contrast to the Wage and Income Tax tables 2018, the minimum wage in Curaçao will be increased as of 1 January 2018. The minimum wage is increased from ANG 9.00 gross per hour to ANG 9.175 gross per hour. That is an increase of 1.94%.

The minimum wage for employees of 21 years or older is based on a: 

• 40-hour working week: ANG 1,589.11 gross per month;
• 45-hour working week: ANG 1,787.75 gross per month and
• 48-hour working week: ANG 1.906.93 gross per month.
For employees who have reached the age of 16 but not the age of 21, the following gross minimum hourly wages apply:
• 20-year-olds: 90% or ANG 8.26 gross per hour;
• 19-year-olds: 85% or ANG 7.80 gross per hour;
• 18-year-olds: 75% or ANG 6.88 gross per hour and
• 17/16-year-olds: 65% or ANG 5.96 gross per hour.

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